The Echinoid Directory

Family Scutellidae Gray, 1825, p. 427

[=Family Dendrasteridae Lambert, 1889, p. 50]


 Scutellidea with:

  • internal buttressing in the form of stellate clusters with well-defined adradial bars and V-shaped interradial channels;
  • four gonopores;
  • interambulacral zones not greatly narrower than ambulacral zones at ambitus; pores and tube-feet extending onto interambulacral zones on oral surface;
  • petals well-developed, with accessory pores in perradial zone;
  • basicoronal circlet small, interambulacral elements pointed but not strongly projecting;
  • no notches or lunules.

Late Eocene to Recent; Europe, North and Central America, North Pacific (Japan, Kamchatka, Alaska, west coast USA)

(Probably includes stem group members of the Scutellidea)