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Eoscutum Lambert, in Lambert & Thiery, 1914, p. 293

Diagnostic Features
  • Test small, discoidal, with flat base and subconical profile. Margin sharp.
  • Apical disc central; 4 gonopores.
  • Ten straight internal radial partitions.
  • Petals moderately well developed; open distally.
  • Interambulacra remain biserial to apex.
  • Interambulacral zones about 50% width of ambulacral zones at ambitus.
  • Basicoronal circlet moderately large with interambulacral plates only a little larger than the ambulacral plates.
  • Interambulacral zones continuous on oral surface.
  • Periproct supramarginal.
  • Food grooves effectively absent.
Lower to Middle Eocene, Europe.
Name gender neuter
Porpitella donicieuxi Lambert, 1905, p. 136, by original designation.
Species Included
  • E. donicieuxi (Lambert, 1905); Lower Eocene, Aude and Herault, France
  • E. dineuri (Roman, 1989); Middle Eocene, Oise, France.
Classification and/or Status

Clypeasteroida; Scutellina; stem group scutelliforms or laganiforms.

Presumably a plesiomorphic grade.


Roman (1990) redescribed the type species based on approximately 150 specimens. The simple radial partitions and lack of food grooves are characteristic of all small scutellines and it is not clear what distinguishes E. donicieuxi from juveniles of later taxa. Roman (1989) placed his Middle Eocene species dineuri in the genus Scutulum. This reaches 30 mm in length but retains simple radial buttressing and lacks food grooves (Scutulum at that size has complex internal butressing and food grooves). The two species included in Eoscutum may represent early stem group members of the Scutellidae.

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