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Lambertiella Checchia-Rispoli, 1917, p. 57

Diagnostic Features
  • Test circular, with flat base and low conical profile. Ambitus sharp.
  • Adapical portion of test a little depressed.
  • Apical disc central; 4 gonopores. Hydropores densely scattered over surface.
  • Internal radial partitions unknown.
  • Petals short (less than half the radial length) and closing distally.
  • Interambulacral plating unknown on oral surface.
  • Periproct small, midway between peristome and posterior margin.
  • No trace of food grooves according to original description.
Miocene of Sicily.
Name gender feminine
Lambertiella pulchra Checchia-Rispoli,1917, p. 58, by original designation.
Species Included
  • Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status

Clypeasteroida; Scutellina; Laganiformes; Laganidae; Laganinae.

Monotypic; strictly indeterminate at present - possibly a junior synonym of Peronella Gray,1855.


Chechia Rispoli figures only the upper surface but gives a verbal description of the position of the periproct. His statement that there are no food grooves may be due to poor preservation. The genus was synonymized with Peronella by Mortensen (1948, p. 255).

C. Checchia-Rispoli 1917. Gli Echinidi viventi e fossili della Scilia. Part 5, Echinidi Miocenici. Palaeontographica Italica 23, 55-77.

Mortensen, T. 1948. A Monograph of the Echinoidea IV.2 Clypeasteroida. C. A. Reitzel, Copenhagen.