The Echinoid Directory

Lepidocentrus Müller, 1856, p. 360

Diagnostic Features
  • Test shape and size unknown; type species based on interambulacral fragments.
  • Interambulacral plates rhomboidal, scale-like, imbricating; forming regular rows and columns.
  • Small primary tubercle situated towards one corner on each plate.
  • Ambulacra (known in L. mulleri Schultze - possibly conspecific); biserial, narrow, straight; plating probably simple.
Devonian, Germany, Lower Carboniferous, Belgium.
Name gender masculine
Lepidocentrus eifelianus Muller, 1857, p. 442, by original designation.
Species Included
  • three nominal species based on fragmentary material from the Devonian of Germany that may be conspecific. Jackson (1912) attributed a well preserved test to this genus from the Carboniferous of the USA.
Classification and/or Status

Stem group Echinoidea; Lepidocentridae.

Nomen dubium.


The distinctive offset small primary tubercle on interambulacral plates and their arrangement into transverse and vertical rows helps distinguish this genus. It is most unfortunate that it is the type of the family, since so much of its structure remains unknown.

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