The Echinoid Directory

Family Plesiolampadidae Lambert, 1905, p. 142 (13)

[=Plesiolampinae Lambert, 1905,  nom. corr. to Plesiolampadidae by Smith & Jeffery, 2000, p. 246]


Stem group clypeasteroids with:

  • monobasal apical disc, with four gonopores;
  • petals lanceolate, but never strongly conjugate, remaining open distally;
  • test depressed towards peristome, no vertical walled entrance;
  • periproct inframarginal to oral, flush;
  • phyllodes hardly expanded adorally, only slightly developed, single pored. Ambulacra tapering adorally, pores in single iregular series with pyrinoid plating;
  • bourrelets absent, basicoroanl plates short, no specialized zone of perioral tubercles and spines;
  • buccal pores present at edge of peristome, not separated from other phyllode pores;
  • no perignathic girdle supports internally.
Palaeocene to Eocene of Africa, Pakistan, and the French Pyrenees.
Classification and/or Status Irregularia, Neognathostomata, stem group Clypeasteroida
Remarks Lambert, J. 1905. Notes sur quelques Échinides éocéniques de l'Aude et de l'Hérault. Pp. 129-164 in Doncieux, L. (ed.) Catalogue descriptif des fossiles nummulitiques de l'Aude et de l'Hérault. Annales de l'Université de Lyon, Nouvelle Série, I. Sciences, Médecine 17: 129-164.

Smith, A. B. & Jeffery, C. H. 2000. Maastrichtian and Palaeocene echinoids: a key to world faunas. Special Papers in Palaeontology 63, 1-406.