The Echinoid Directory

Gotlandechinus Regnell, 1956, p. 158

Diagnostic Features
  • Test shape unknown; plating thin and imbricate.
  • Apical disc unknown.
  • Ambulacra more or less straight and narrow; quadriserial. Inner series of plates small and excluded from adradial suture; outer series of plates larger and in contact with both perradial and adradial sutures. Outer series of plates with small adradial tubercle.
  • Pore-pairs small, undifferentiated, forming a single vertical series close to the perradius in each half ambulacrum.
  • Interambulacral zones wider than ambulacral zones; composed of 4 semiregular columns of polygonal plates.
  • A few small secondary tubercles on interambulacral plates only.
  • Peristome small, plating unknown.
  • Lantern and spines unknown.
Upper Silurian (Ludlow), Sweden (Gotland).
Name gender masculine
Gotlandechinus balticus Regnell, 1956, p. 160, by original designation.
Species Included
  • Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status

Stem group Echinoida; Echinocystitidae.



In ambulacral structure Gotlandechinus resembles Echinocystites and Rhenechinus, except that its pore-pairs form a single perradial column in each half ambulacrum.

Regnell, G. 1956. Silurian echinoids from Gotland. Arkiv fur Mineralogi och Geologi 2(7), 17-32, pl. 1.