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Pseudovulechinus Szorenyi, 1955, p. 79

Diagnostic Features
  • Test small, ovate, well rounded anterior and posterior margin, highly inflated adapical surface, flattened adorally with rounded margins.
  • Apical system tetrabasal.
  • Petals poorly developed.
  • Peristome subcentral.
  • Periproct inframarginal, transverse.
Upper Cretaceous (Senonian) of Hungary.
Name gender masculine
Pseudovulechinus rotunatus Szorenyi, 1955, p. 79 (?=Hungaresia hungarica Szorenyi, 1955); by original designation.
Species Included
  • Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status

Irregularia; Cassiduloida; Echinolampadidae

?Objective junior synonym of Hungaresia Szorenyi, 1955.


Kier (1962) reports that the specimen of the type species he has studies is in all likelihood an immature specimen of Hungaresia hungarica Szorenyi, with a similarly inflated test, petal arrangement, inframarginal periproct, and single-pored phyllodes. This is supported by the fact that all specimens studied by Szorenyi are small and come from the same locality as H. hungarica.

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