The Echinoid Directory

Psammolampas Lambert, 1913, p. 136

Diagnostic Features
  • Test of moderate size, oval in outline, pointed posterior extremity, inflated, with a relatively flat adoral surface.
  • Apical disc anterior; monobasal with four gonopores.
  • Petals well developed, parallel, straight and open distally. Pore-pairs subconjugate; the two columns in each petal of unequal length; inner pores round, outer pores distinctly elongated transversely; pores beneath petals single.
  • Peristome subcentral, large, depressed, subpentagonal.
  • Periproct inframarginal, transverse, subtrigonal.
  • Phyllodes moderately developed, single pored, with two series in each half-ambulacrum.
  • Bourrelets absent with a distinct well leading into the peristome opening.
  • Buccal pores present.
Oligocene to Lower Miocene of Europe and the West Indies.
Name gender feminine
Echinolampas scutiformis Desmoulins, 1837, p. 348; by original designation.
Species Included
  • P. scutiformis (Desmoulins, 1837); Lower Miocene, Europe.
  • P. kugleri (Jeannet, 1959); Oligocene, Trinidad.
Classification and/or Status

Irregularia; Cassiduloida; Echinolampadidae.

Subjective junior synonym of Echinolampas Gray, 1825.


Psammolampas has all the diagnostic characters of Echinolampas, with well developed, asymmetric petals, an inframarginal periproct on a relatively flat adoral surface that is slightly sunken towards the peristome, and feeble bourrelets. Psammolampas is very similar in test shape and outline to species within the subgenus E. (Echinolampas). However, it differs in having petals that are straight, where the outer pores are distinctly elongated transversely.

Lambert & Thiery (1909-1925) use the type species of Psammolampas for describing their section (subgenus) four of Echinolampas; to which they refer 18 species.

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