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Palaeolampas Bell, 1880, p. 43

Diagnostic Features
  • Test large, subcircular to subovate in outline, domed in profile, the adoral surface is relatively flat, but slightly sunken towards the peristome.
  • Apical disc subcentral; monobasal, with four gonopores.
  • Petals well developed, straight, parallel and open distally; extending to ambitus. Pore-pairs small, conjugate, the inner pore round, the outer pores elongated transversely. The two columns in each petal of unequal length, the longer almost reaching the ambitus; pores beneath petals single.
  • Peristome subcentral, pentagonal, wider than long.
  • Periproct inframarginal and transverse; not sunken.
  • Phyllodes short but strongly developed, with pores in an inner and outer series, plus scattered pores in between.
  • Bourrelets slightly developed, with a distinct well leading to the peristome opening.
  • No naked zones on oral surface.
  • Tubercles small dense and uniform.
Recent, South Africa.
Name gender feminine
Palaeolampas crassa Bell, 1880, p. 43, by original designation.
Species Included
  • P. crassa Bell, 1880; Recent, South Africa.
  • P. sumatrana Doderlein, 1905; Recent, Sumatra.
  • P. chuni Doderlein, 1905; Recent, Sumatra.
Classification and/or Status

Irregularia; Cassiduloida; Echinolampadidae.

Subjective junior synonym of Echinolampas Gray, 1825.


The generic value of Palaeolampas has been greatly questioned (see Mortensen, 1948, p. 292). Palaeolampas has diagnostic characters of Echinolampas, with well developed, asymmetric petals (the two pore series in each petal of unequal length), an inframarginal periproct on a relatively flat adoral surface that is slightly sunken towards the peristome, and weakly developed bourrelets. The type species of Palaeolampas has straighter, longer and more evenly developed petals than the type species of Echinolampas. However, such a character is not worthy of generic distinction.

Lambert & Thiery (1909-1925) use the type species of Palaeolampas to define their subsection (subgenus) eight of Echinolampas; to which they refer 17 species.

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