The Echinoid Directory

Echinolampas (Cypholampas) Lambert, 1906, p. 33

Diagnostic Features
  • Test of moderate size, subcircular in outline, domed in profile with relatively flat aboral surface, slightly sunken towards the peristome.
  • Apical disc subcentral; monobasal, with four gonopores.
  • Petals well developed; raised, straight, parallel, open distally, extending to ambitus. Pore-pairs small and circular; subconjugate; the two columns in each petal of unequal length; pores beneath petals single.
  • Peristome subcentral, pentagonal, transverse, wider than long.
  • Periproct inframarginal and transverse; not sunken.
  • Phyllodes relatively short, single pored, with three series in each half ambulacrum, plus scattered pores in between.
  • Bourrelets restricted to the vertical walls of the well leading to the peristome opening.
  • Buccal pores present.
  • Tubercles the same size adorally as adapically.
  • Narrow, naked, granular zone in interambulacrum 5.
Eocene of Europe.
Name gender feminine
Clypeaster stelliferus Lamarck, 1816, p. 16 [=Clypeaster fornicatus Goldfuss, 1826, p. 134]; by original designation.
Species Included
  • Echinolampas (Cypholampas) stelliferus (Lamarck, 1816); Lutetian, France.
Classification and/or Status

Irregularia; Cassiduloida; Echinolampadidae.

Monophyletic; treated here as a subgenus of Echinolampas Gray, 1825.


Echinolampas (Cypholampas) has distinctly raised petals. This character differentiates it from Echinolampas (Echinolampas) where the petals are flush with the test.

Lambert & Thiery (1909-1925) use the type species of Cypholampas for describing their section (subgenus) six of Echinolampas; to which they refer 27 species.

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