The Echinoid Directory

Gisopygus Gauthier, in Fourtau, 1899, p. 648

Diagnostic Features
  • Test of medium size, oval, elongate.
  • Apical system anterior; monobasal with four gonopores.
  • Petals lanceolate, converging distally but not closed. Columns of pore pairs in each petal of unequal length.
  • Ambulacra single pored beyond petals.
  • Periproct oval, transverse; supraambital in position with a short subanal shelf.
  • Peristome anterior, pentagonal, floscelle well developed.
  • Short transverse bourrelets weakly projecting.
  • Phyllodes single pored, arrangement unknown.
  • Tubercles very small aborally, distinctly larger on the oral surface with enlarged scrobicules.
Lower Eocene of Egypt and Madagascar; Middle Eocene of Pakistan according to Kier (1962).
Name gender masculine
Rhynchopygus navillei De Loriol, 1881, p. 85, by subsequent designation of Lambert & Thiery, 1921, p. 365.
Species Included
  • G. navillei (de Loriol, 1881): Lower Eocene, Egypt.
Classification and/or Status

Irregularia; Cassiduloida; Cassidulidae.

Subjective junior synonym of Rhyncholampas A. Agassiz, 1869.


Kier (1962) treated this as a synonym of Rhyncholampas, where as previous authors treated it as a synonym of Eurhodia.

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