The Echinoid Directory

Galerolampas Cotteau, 1889, p. 1

Diagnostic Features
  • Test of medium size, subovate, weakly inflated in profile.
  • Apical system monobasal with four gonopores.
  • Petals lanceolate, converging distally but not closed. Columns of pore pairs in each petal shown as equal in length.
  • Periproct on vertical posterior face or slightly inframarginal.
  • Peristome anterior, pentagonal, wider than high.
  • Short transverse bourrelets weakly developed.
  • Phyllodes developed, structure unknown.
  • Narrow naked, pitted area interambulacrum 5 on oral surface.
Middle Eocene of France.
Name gender feminine
Galerolampas sorigneti Cotteau, 1889, p. 3, by monotypy.
Species Included
  • G. sorigneti Cotteau, 1889; Middle Eocene, France.
Classification and/or Status

Irregularia; Cassiduloida; Cassidulidae.

Subjective junior synonym of Rhyncholampas A. Agassiz, 1869.


Kier (1962) states that Galerolampas differs from Rhyncholampas only by having a slightly inframarginal periproct, the periproct in Rhyncholampas being either marginal or slightly supramarginal. No material has been examined and much remains unknown about this taxon.

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