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Bothryopneustes Fourtau, 1924, p. 27

[=Clypeobrissus Currie, 1925, pp. 69-70, type species Clypeobrissus somaliensis Currie, 1927, p. 425 ]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test of medium size, circular to elongate, posterior, margin often slightly pointed, adapically moderately inflated, margins well rounded, adorally usually pulvinate with ambulacra depressed.
  • Apical system central to slightly anterior, tetrabasal.
  • Petals long, extending to margin, wide, open or slightly closed, equal length, petaloid pores conjugate, outer pores slit-like, all ambulacral plates double pored.
  • Periproct marginal to inframarginal, oval, longitudinal, with slight groove extending adorally.
  • Peristome slightly anterior, pentagonal, width equal to length
  • Bourrelets well developed.
  • Phyllodes slightly broadened, long, double pored, with two or three series of pore-pairs in each half ambulacrum.
  • No buccal pores.
  • Tubercles on adoral surface slightly larger than those on the adapical surface.
Bathonian to Oxfordian, Middle to Late Jurassic of Africa, Madagascar and Saudi Arabia.
Name gender feminine
Bothryopneustes lamberti Fourtau, 1924, p. 28, by subsequent designation of Currie , 1927, p.425.
Species Included
  • B. lamberti Fourtau, 1924; Bathonian, Egypt [=? B. lorioli (Fourtau, 1924); Bathonian, Egypt ].
  • B. somaliensis (Currie, 1925); Bathonian,  Somalia [=? B. orientalis Fourtau, 1924; Callovian to Oxfordian, Somalia and Egypt.
  • B. besairiei Lambert, 1936; Bathonian,  Madagascar.
  • B. arabica Kier, 1972; Bathonian, Saudi Arabia.
  • B. dhrumaensis Kier, 1972; Bathonian,  Saudi Arabia.
  • B. inflata Kier, 1972; Bathonian, Saudi Arabia.
  • B. kauffmani Kier, 1972; Bathonian, Saudi Arabia.
Classification and/or Status
Irregularia; Neognathostomata.

Bothryopneustes is very similar to Crotoclypeus, having the same petal arrangement, shape of test, and similar floscelle. It differs from Crotoclypeus in having its periproct marginal to inframarginal, whereas it is supramarginal in Crotoclypeus (Kier, 1962).

Currie (1925) erected the genus Clypeobrissus for her species Clypeobrissus somaliensis, unaware of Fourtau\'s Bothryopneustes. Later Currie (1927, p. 425) considered her species congeneric with B. lamberti, and Clypeobrissus a synonym of Bothryopneustes.

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