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Pygopistes Pomel, 1883, p. 56

Diagnostic Features
  • Test small, highly inflated, with rounded margin, gently rounded sides, pulvinate adoral surface with peristome and phyllodes depressed
  • Apical system eccentric anteriorly, tetrabasal with four genital pores
  • Petals long, extending almost to margin, open, narrow poriferous zones, tapering distally, pores conjugate, outer series elongate transversely; all ambulacral plates double pored
  • Periproct marginal, elongate longitudinally,
  • Peristome anterior, oblique, large, depressed
  • Bourrelets slightly developed
  • Phyllodes slightly broadened, double pored, with two series of pore-pairs in each half-ambulacrum
  • No buccal pores
  • No naked sternal area
Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian) of North Africa
Name gender unknown
Catopygus floridus Coquand (a nomen nudum); =Pygaulus coquandi Cotteau, 1869, p. 243; by monotypy.
Species Included
  • P. coquandi (Cotteau, 1869); Cenomanian, Algeria, Tunisia
  • P. douarensis (De Loriol, 1901); Cenomanian, Algeria
Classification and/or Status
Irregularia; Cassiduloida; Pygaulidae

Lambert & Thiery (1921, p. 40) and Mortensen (1948, p. 141, 143) consider Pygopistes as a synonym of Pygorhynchus. However, Kier (1962, p. 86) believes the two genera to be quite distinct. He points out that Pygopistes has a much more inflated test, with steeper sides, a more rounded marginal outline, a more pulvinate adoral surface, the apical system being more eccentric anteriorly, while the phyllodes have fewer pore-pairs.

Pygopistes differs from Pygaulus in having a more inflated test and a more anteriorly eccentric apical system.

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