The Echinoid Directory

Eocidaris Desor, 1856, p. 155

Diagnostic Features
  • Taxon based on isolated interambulacral plates only.
  • Plates subhexagonal, imbricate, with large central tubercle. Tubercle perforate and non-crenulate; surrounded by a shallow but distinct areolar depression and small scrobicular tubercles; some larger secondary tubercles may be present at plate edges.
Lower Devonian, Germany.
Name gender feminine
Cidaris laevispina Sandberger, 1850-56, by subsequent designation of Lambert & Thiery, 1911, p. 126.
Species Included
Desor (1856) listed several species under this genus, all very poorly known.
Classification and/or Status

Stem group Echinoidea.



Based on only isolated plates and thus impossible to compare with other taxa. Differences in the type series suggest it is possibly based on two different taxa.

Desor, E. 1855-1858. Synopsis des échinides fossiles, lxviii + 490 pp., 44 pls. Reinwald, Paris.

Sandberger, G. & Sandberger, F. 1850-56. Versteinerungen des Rheinischen Schichtensystems in Nassau.