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Pseudobrissus Lambert, 1905, p. 155

Diagnostic Features
  • Test ovate with effectively no anterior sulcus. Test crushed.
  • Apical disc anterior of centre; plating unknown.
  • Anterior ambulacrum flush aborally; narrow; pore-pairs small.
  • Paired ambulacra petaloid aborally; sunken; long and parallel-sided with little perradial space. Anterior petals widely divergent, almost at 180 degrees; extending to ambitus. Posterior petals long and only weakly divergent.
  • Peristome lunate.
  • Plastron broad and tuberculate. Labral plate short and wide, not extending beyond first ambulacral plate. Sternal plates very large; extending the amb plate ?7. Subsequent plating biserial. No indentation by ambulacra of plastronal zone.
  • Interambulacrum 1 amphisternous.
  • Periproct not preserved.
  • Peripetalous fasciole strongly indented behind anterior paired petals and also in anterior interambulacra. Lateroanal fasciole present, crossing lateral interambulacra on plates 4a,b.
  • Aboral tuberculation fine, uniform and slightly sunken; but becoming distinctly coarser in anterior part of anterior interambulacral zones.
Lower Miocene (Burdigalian), Corsica, Sardinia, France.
Name gender masculine
Brissus corsicus Cotteau, in Locard, 1877, p. 322, by original designation. Holotype: Museum National d\'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, R62151.
Species Included
  • Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status

Spatangoida, Paleopneustina, Schizasteridae.

Monotypic; probably a subjective junior synonym of Protenaster Pomel, 1883


The presence of a lateroanal fasciole is confirmed from the holotype. Philippe (1998) provides new figures of this taxon, but based on internal moulds only.

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Philippe, M. 1998. Les echinides Miocenes du Bassin du Rhone: Revision systematique. Nouvelles Archives du Museum d\'Histoire naturelle de Lyon 36, 3-441, 26 pls.