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Genicopatagus A. Agassiz 1879, p. 210

[=Delopatagus Koehler, 1907, type species Delopatagus brucei Koehler 1907, p. 147, by original designation (=Genicopatagus affinis Agassiz, 1879) ]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test ovate with rounded anterior; flat based and low vaulted upper surface.
  • Apical disc ethmolytic with three gonopores (none in genital plate 2).
  • Ambulacra narrow. The anterior weakly depressed adapically and with pore-pairs. Paired ambulacra subpetaloid.
  • Sexually dimorphic; females with petals sunken as marsupia.
  • Peristome a little anterior of centre, with overarching labral plate so that the peristome is C-shaped.
  • Labral plate stout and long, extending to fourth or fifth ambulacral plate in adults. Sternal plates stout; rear of sternal plates coincides with ambulacral plates 7-11. Episternal plates biserially offset.
  • Periproct supramarginal.
  • No fascioles.
  • No primary tubercles aborally.
    [Description taken from unpublished work by Mrs Heinke Schultz, Hamburg]
Recent, Antarctic (Weddell) 621-5650 m.
Name gender masculine
Genicopatagus affinis A. Agassiz, 1879, p. 210, by original designation.
Species Included
  • Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status

Spatangoida, Paleopneustina, Incertae sedis B.



Differs from other Paleopneustidae in having a supramarginal periproct. Mironov (1993) stated that Delopatagus brucei Koehler, 1907 was a synonym of the type species.

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