The Echinoid Directory

Family Spatangidae Gray, 1825, p. 430

[=Prospatangidae Lambert, 1905, p. 34 (objective)]


 Micrasterine spatangoids with:

  • ethmolytic apical disc;
  • petals flush to very weakly depressed; tapered and closing distally; anterior petals with reduced pores adapically in the anterior column;
  • labral plate short and wide, not extending beyond first ambulacral plate. Episternal plates paired and opposite, only weakly tapered to the rear;
  • subanal fasciole typically developed;
  • Periproct opening framed by plates 5.a.4, 5.b.4 on oral side;
  • aboral surface with scattered coarse primary tubercles. Areoles may be weakly indented but never deeply sunken.
Eocene to Recent; Indo-Pacific.