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Kleinia Gray, 1851, p. 133

[=Zeugaster Lambert, 1907, p. 42, type species Brissopsis lamberti Gauthier, 1900 ]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test ovate with shallow anterior sulcus. Lateral ambulacra also slightly indented at ambitus.
  • Apical disc ethmolytic with 4 gonopores. Madreporic plate projecting well posterior of the other apical disc plates.
  • Anterior ambulacrum narrow and shallowly sunken throughout; pore-pairs differentiated and funnel-buiilding tube-feet present; pore-pairs uniserial adapically with broad perradial granular zone.
  • Other ambulacra petaloid, the anterior pair forming an angle of around 90 degrees. Petals sunken and straight-sided; closed distally. The posterior pair almost parallel and confluent adapically.
  • Periproct relatively small; towards the top of the near-vertical truncate face.
  • Peristome wider than long; kidney-shaped.
  • Labral plate short and wide, extending to second ambulacral plate; in broad contact with following sternal plates.
  • Aboral tubercles and spines relatively uniform. No large primary tubercles differentiated.
  • Plastron triangular, moderately well-developed.
  • Fully formed peripetalous and subanal fascioles. Subanal fasciole bilobed.

Recent, Indo-Pacific, Caribbean.

mid-shelf silts and sandy silts - infaunal.

Name gender feminine
Kleinia luzonica Gray, 1851, p. 133, by original designation.
Species Included

Many named species, including:

  • B. luzonica (Gray, 1851); Recent, Indo-Pacific.
  • B. tatei Hall, 1907; Early to Middle Miocene, South Australia.
  • B. praeluzonica Fell, 1964; Lower Oligocene to early Miocene, New Zealand and Australia.
  • B. makiyamai Morishita, 1957; Late Miocene, Japan.
  • B. crescenticus Wright, 1855; Miocene, Malta and Syria.
  • B. aguayoi Sanchez Roig, 1952; Oligo-Miocene, Cuba.
  • B. jimenoi Cotteau, 1875; Oligo-Miocene, Trinidad.
  • B. australis McNamara, Philip & Kruse, 1986; Early Miocene, Victoria, Australia.
Classification and/or Status

Spatangoida, Micrasterina, Brissopsidae.

Subgenus of Brissopsis Agassiz, in Agassiz& Desor, 1847.


Lindley (2001, p. 135) reports a Brissopsis ?luzonica (Agassiz) from the Upper Oligocene - Lower Miocene of Papua New Guinea which belongs to this species group. Mortensen (1951) treated Kleinia as a synonym of Brissopsis.

Gray J.E. 1851. Descriptions of some new genera and species of Spatangidae in the British Museum. The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, 2nd Series 7, 130-134.

Lindley, I.D. 2001. Tertiary echinoids from Papua New Guinea. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 123, 119-139.