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Pseudomaretia Koehler, 1914, p. 107

[=Gonimaretia Clark, 1917, p. 240, type species G. tylota Clark, 1917 ]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test ovate without anterior sulcus or with slight depression only; flat on oral surface and arched aborally, with keeled posterior interambulacrum.
  • Apical disc ethmolytic, with 3 gonopores; genital plate 2 projects behind the posterior oculars.
  • Anterior ambulacrum narrow; pore-pairs small, simple isopores.
  • Other ambulacra petaloid and flush; closed distally without occluded plates.
  • Anterior paired petals with pore-pairs in anterior column rudimentary except distally.
  • Periproct on short truncate face; deeply invaginated in type species, but only weakly sunken in other species.
  • Peristome wider than long; kidney-shaped. Phyllodes inconspicuous.
  • Labral plate longitudinally elongate; only just contacting sternal plates; extending to second ambulacral plate.
  • Paired sternal plates long and narrow with tuberculation confined to posterior. Episternal plates contracting posteriorly.
  • Aboral surface with small uniform tuberculation. In some species a few primary tubercles near the ambitus in interambulacra 1 and 4 (with sunken areoles).
  • Subanal fasciole present, shield-shaped.
Recent, Indo-Pacific.
Name gender feminine
Maretia alta Agassiz, 1863, p. 360, by original designation.
Species Included
  • P. alta (Agassiz, 1863); Recent, Indo-Pacific.
  • P. tylota (Clark, 1917); Recent, Philippines.
  • P. laevis (Clark, 1917); Recent, Gulf of California.
  • P. oblonga Mortensen, 1950; Recent, Galapagos Islands.
  • P. interrupta (Studer, 1880); Recent, Australia.
Classification and/or Status

Spatangoida, Micrasterina, Maretiidae.

Subjective junior synonym of Nacospatangus Agassiz, 1873.


Differs from Nacospatangus in having the anterior series of pore-pairs in the frontal petals more reduced adapically.

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