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Vasconaster Lambert, 1915, p. 191

Diagnostic Features
  • Test ovate with shallow anterior sulcus; depressed in profile with flattened base and top
  • Apical disc plating not known in detail
  • Anterior ambulacrum wide and slightly sunken; pore-pairs and tube-feet specialized.
  • Tubercles adjacent to frontal groove distinctlyenlarged and in rows
  • Other ambulacra petaloid and flush. Widening towards apex, but not forming continuous arc laterally
  • Periproct marginal on short vertical truncate face; not invaginated
  • Peristome wider than long; kidney-shaped
  • Labral plate narrow and elongate; only just contacting sternal plates; paired sternal plates narrow and triangular with tuberculation confined to posterior part only
  • Aboral tuberculation heterogenous with scattered coarse tubercules in all but the posterior interambulacrum. Primary tubercles sunken in camellae
  • Oral tubercles prominent laterally and arranged in distinct rows. Areoles sunken and parapet helically spiraled
  • Well-developed bilobed subanal fasciole and inner fasciole
The type species comes from the Lower Oligocene (Stampian) of France
Name gender masculine
Breynia sulcata Haime, in d'Archiac & Haime, 1853, p. 216, by original designation
Species Included
  • Lambert & Thiery (1921, P. 466) list 8 species in addition to the type.
Classification and/or Status

Spatangoida, Micrasterina, Loveniidae

Subjective junior synonym of Lovenia Desor, 1847


The name Vasconaster was proposed as a replacement name for the preoccupied Sarsella. According to Lambert & Thiery (1921) it is distinguished from Lovenia by the lack of internal ampullae and by its fully tuberculate plastron. The sternal plates of the type species, however, are not fully tuberculate, and there seem no grounds for separating this taxon from Lovenia, a view also held by Mortensen (1951).

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