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Contributed by Andreas Kroh, November 2011

Latyclipus Szoerenyi, 1966, p. 447

Classification and/or Status incorrect original spelling pro Laticlypus Szoerenyi, 1966, p. 446
Remarks Laticlypus is also spelled Latyclipus (incorrect original spelling) on p. 447 of Szörenyi's (1966) paper, but elsewhere in the paper consistently is used as Laticlypus, which thus is the preferred spelling.

Szörényi, E. 1966. Laticlypus giganteus n. gen. n. sp. (Echinoidea) des assises Jurassiques de la Montagne Bakony. Acta Geologica, Academiae Scientarum Hungaricae 10, 445-452.