The Echinoid Directory

Superfamily Histocidaroidea Lambert, 1900, p. 49

[ex Histocidaridea Kroh & Smith, 1910, p. 169]


Cidaroids with:

  • test with tesselate sutures
  • primary tubercles perforate and strongly crenulate
  • primary tubercles confluent adorally and ambitally; scrobicular tubercles differentiated; extrascrobicular tuberculation heterogeneous
  • ambulacra straight
  • primary spines long, cylindrical with simple unbranched cortical hairs
  • secondary spines slender, simple and unflattened.
Species Included Only one family, Histocidaridae, is included.
Classification and/or Status Cidaroidea, Cidaroida
Remarks Kroh & Smith (2010, p. 169) first used this taxon at superfamily rank.

Lambert, J.
1900. Étude sur quelques Échinides de l'Infra-Lias et du Lias. Bulletin de la Société des Sciences Historiques et Naturelles de l'Yonne 52 (1899)(2), 3-57.

Kroh, A. & Smith, A. B. 2010. The phylogeny and classification of post-Palaeozoic echinoids. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 7, 147-212.