The Echinoid Directory

Family Parasaleniidae Mortensen, 1903

Diagnosis Camarodonta with:
  • test ovate, elongate along the ambulacrum III- interambulacrum 5 axis;
  • anal opening central within periproct;anal cone of four or five plates;
  • primary tubercles with massive mamelon;
  • ambulacral plates trigeminate with echinid plate compounding;
  • pore-pairs uniserially arranged, not forming wide bands;
  • epiphyses without tooth support bars;
  • spines with cortex
Range Miocene to Recent, Indo-Pacific
Type Parasalenia Agassiz, 1864
Species Included Only the type genus
Classification and/or Status Echinacea, Camarodonta crown group
Remarks Mortensen, T. 1903. The Danish Ingolf-Expedition 1895-1896, volume 4,number 2. Echinoidea, part 2. Bianco Luno, Copenhagen. 198 pp.