The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, September 2011

Dictyaster Stefainini 1908, p. 473

Distribution Miocene, Mediterranean
Type No type was established by Stefanini, who included three species in his new genus: Pericosmus malatinus Mazzettii, 1885 and two new species D. Lorioli and D. excentricus. D. excentricus is probably a synonym of Pericosmus malatinus according to Lambert & Thiery (1925, p. 486), and D. Lorioli is a Trachyaster.  The type species is therefore taken as Pericosmus malatinus Mazzettii, 1885, p. 13
Classification and/or Status Unavailable name: non Dictyaster Alcock & Wood-Masson, 1896 (an asteroid)
Remarks Stefanini, G. 1908. Echinidi Miocenici di Malta esistenti nel Museo di geologia di Firenze. Bolletino della Societa geologica Italica 27, 435-483.