The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, September 2011

Family Infraclypeidae Saucede, Mooi & David, 2007, p. 353

  • Microstomata with an exocyclic apical system that do not possess specialized ambulacral plates and pores adorally (i.e., without adoral phyllodes).
Range Upper Jurassic, Europe
Type Infraclypeus Gauthier, 1875
Species Included Infraclypeus Gauthier, 1875, Pyrinodia Pomel, 1883, Desorella Cotteau, 1855 and Pachyclypus Desor, 1858
Classification and/or Status Subjective junior synonym of Desorellidae Lambert, 1911.

As Saucede include Desorella, the type of Desorellidae, in their family Infraclypeidae it becomes a junior subjective synonym of Desorellidae.

Saucede, T., Mooi, R. & David, B. 2007. Phylogeny and origin of Jurassic irregular echinoids (Echinodermata: Echinoidea). Geological Magazine 144, 333-359.