The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, August 2011

Pseudarbacina Fourtau, 1920, p. 22

Diagnostic Features Distinguished from Arbacina by its homogeneous miliary granulation which is a little less regular, and by the absence of specialized granules beneath and above the primary tubercles (from Fourtau 1920, p. 22)
Distribution Lower Miocene (Burdigalian - Vindebonian), Egypt
Type Arbacina fraasi Gauthier, in Fourtau, 1901, p. 91, by original designation
Species Included Only the type species
Classification and/or Status Camarodonta, Temnopleuroida.

Incertae sedis.
Remarks Based on three very small individuals the largest of which is 10 mm in diameter.  The species is too poorly known to place with any certainty but is probably a Trigonocidaridae.

Fourtau, R. 1901. Notes sur les echinides fossiles de l'Egypte. Bulletin de l'Institut egyptien 4 series 2, 31-117, pls 1-6.

Fourtau, R. 1920. Catalogue des invertebres fossiles de l'Egypte. Terrains . 2de Partie: Echinodermes Neogenes. Cairo, Government Press