The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, August 2011

Pseudoepiaster Seunes, 1883, p. 803

Diagnostic Features Identical to Micraster coranguinum but lacking a subanal fasciole.
Name gender masculine
Type No type specified.
Classification and/or Status Nomen nudum.
Remarks Established by Seunnes as a name for Micraster coranguinum-like forms lacking a subanal fasciole.  Such forms have been treated as linking forms between M. coranguinum and M. senonensis by other authors (e.g. Kermack 1954)

Seunnes, M.J. 1888. Echinides cretaces des Pyrenees occidentales. Bulletin de la Societe geologique de France, series 3, 16, 791-815, pls 28-31.