The Echinoid Directory

Rovasendia Airaghi, 1901, p. 213

Diagnostic Features
  • Test very small (13 mm); very elongate with rounded anterior and flat base.
  • Apical disc closer to anterior than centre; structure unknown.
  • Anterior ambulacrum apparently with simple plating.
  • Paired ambulacra petaloid; petals flush and narrow; closed distally. Posterior petals longer than anterior petals.
  • Periproct posterior.
  • Peristome anterior.
  • Oral plating unknown.
  • No fascioles?
Distribution Eocene (Bartonian), Italy.
Name gender feminine
Rovasendia canavarii Airaghi 1901, p. 214, by original designation.
Species Included Only the type species
Classification and/or Status

Spatangoida, Incertae Sedis.



Very poorly known taxon that is impossible to place on current knowledge.

Airaghi, 1901. Echinidi terziari del Piedmonte e della Liguria. Paleontographica Italiana 7, 218 pp