The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, August 2011

Cenofibula Gasser, 1994, p. 13

Diagnostic Features
  • Test flattened with sharp margin and rather flat lower surface
  • Apical disc monobasal with 4 gonopores
  • Petals with simple plating; pore-pairs subcircular and conjugate.  Petals open distally with ends slightly incurved
  • Interambulacra end adapically in a single plate; interambulacral zones a little narrower than ambulacral zones at the ambitus
  • Basicoronal circlet of subequal ambulacral and interambulacral plates; plating coniguous in all zones.  Second interambulacral plates not particularly elongate.
  • Periproct small and oral, positioned between plates 4 and 5 in the posterior interambulacrum
Distribution Eocene (Bartonian), Spain
Name gender feminine
Type Cenofibula castriauliensis Gasser, 1994, p. 14, by original designation.
Species Included Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status Clypeasteroida, Scutellina, Laganidae, Laganinae

Remarks The simple petal plating and single large adapical interambulacral plate place this taxon in the Laganinae.  It differs from Sismondia in being much flatter with a sharper margin. It has much broader interambulacral zones than are found in other members of the Laganinae.

Gasser, Z. 1994. Un nou Clypeasteroid de l'Eocene catala. Batalleria 4(1990-1993), 13-16.