The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, August 2011

Nicolleauma Vadet, 1999, p. 75

Distribution Lower Jurassic, Europe.
Name gender feminine
Type Pseudodiadema collenoti Cotteau, 1882, p. 403, by original designation.
Species Included Vadet included the following species:
  • Pseudodiadema collenoti Cotteau, 1882;
  • Eodiadema lacostei Lambert, 1933;
  • Eodiadema aff. minutum Smith 1981
  • Acrosalenia chartroni Lambert, 1904
Classification and/or Status Euechinoidea, Acroechinoidea Incertae sedis.  
Remarks The type species remains too poorly known to be placed with certainty into a higher taxon: possibly an aspidodiadematoid. Of the species included the type has grooved teeth (Jensen 1981) while E. aff. minutum Smith has diamond-shaped teeth.

Jensen. M. 1981, Morphology and classification of Euechinoidea Bronn, 1860 - a cladistic analysis. Vidensk. Meddr dansk naturh. Foren. 143, 7-99.

Vadet, A. 1999. La classification des oursins reguliers du Lias et du Jura. Bulletin de la Societe academique de Boulonnais 4(3), 70-83.