The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, August 2011

Mizunamia Ishijima & Hatai, 1973, p. 67


Miocene, Japan

Name gender feminine

Mizunamia tokiensis Ishijima & Hatai, 1973, p. 67, by original designation.

Species Included

Only the type species.

Classification and/or Status

Nomen nudum. Genus based on a possible echinoid spine seen in thin section.


Ishijima, W. & Hatai, K. 1973. A problematic microfossil from the Miocene Mizunami Group, Toki-Mizunami District, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. St Paul\'s Review of Science [=Rikkyo Daigahu Kenkyu Hokoku] 3(3), 65-68. [not seen]