The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, December 2010

Superfamily Echinidea Kroh & Smith, 2010, p. 171

[=Echinini Mortensen]

Diagnosis Regular euechinoids with:
  • imperforate, non-crenulate tubercles;
  • apical disc usually hemicyclic
  • test unsculpted and without pits
  • peristome with shallow buccal notches;
  • lantern with keeled teeth and epiphyses fused above the foramen magnum;
  • perignathic girdle with auricles fused perradially;
  • ambulacral plates compound in echinid style (lowest element the largest).
Species Included Clade uniting the families Echinidae Gray, 1825, Parechinidae Mortensen, 1903 and the superfamily Odontophora Kroh & Smith 2010.  Equivalent to Troschal's order Echinoida.
Remarks Kroh, A. & Smith, A. B. 2010. The phylogeny and classification of post-Palaeozoic echinoids. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 7, 147-212.