The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, March 2011

Lissocidaris xanthe Coppard & van Noordenburg, 2007, p. 55

Diagnostic Features A Lissocidaris species with slightly curved, cream-coloured primary spines measuring more than twice the test diameter at the ambitus. Oral spines not as broad or rounded as in L. fusca. Primary ambulacral spines and secondary spines and the test epithelium coloured yellow-orange to light brown (dark brown in L. fusca).
Distribution Recent, Philippines.
Type NHM 2007.4
Classification and/or Status Species of Lissocidaris
Remarks Coppard, S. E. & van Noordenburg, H. 2007. A new species of Lissocidaris (Echinodermatat: Echinoidea: Cidaridae) from the Philippines: convergent evolution among smooth-spined cidaroids. Zootaxa 1493, 53-65.