The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, October 2010

Leptosalenia keatingei Fourtau, 1917, p. 38

[1887 Salenia Fraasi Duncan (non Cotteau), p. 90.
1917 Salenia keatingei Fourtau, p. 38, pl. 1, fig. 3.
1933 Salenia trigonopyga Lambert, p. 13, pl. 1, figs. 25, 27.
1937 Salenia mathuri Chiplonkar, p. 61, pl. 6, fig. 3.]

Diagnostic Features A small species of Leptosalenia species with ambulacral tubercles forming a narrow, biserially offset series; tubercles in one column alternate with a minute granule at the ambitus and above. Apical disc rugose with small pits at triple suture junctions and mid-way between.
Distribution Turonian, Upper Cretaceous, India, Madagascar
Classification and/or Status A species of Leptosalenia
Remarks Fourtau, R. 1917. Les Echinides des Bagh Beds. Records of the Geological Survey of India 49, 34-53.

Lambert, J. 1933. Echinoids of Madagascar, communiques par M. H. Besairie. Annales geologiques du Service des Mines 3, 7-49, pls 1-4.

Smith, A. B. 2009. The Cretaceous Bagh Formation, India: a Gondwanan window onto Turonian shallow water echinoid faunas. Cretaceous Research 31, 368-386.