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Contributed by Dinesh Srivastava, March 2010

Eupatagus rajasthanensis Srivastava and Singh, 2008, p. 83

Distribution Early Eocene (Khuiala Formation), Rajasthan, India.
Type Holotype: 7097/BSIP/39528; Paratypes 7097/BSIP/39529 to 7097/BSIP/39547; Museum, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, Lucknow, India.
Classification and/or Status Order Spatangoida Claus, 1876; Family Brissidae Gray, 1855. 

A species of  Eupatagus
Remarks Eupatagus rajasthanensis is close to E. alatus Arnold and Clark from the Eocene of Jamaica (Arnold & Clark, 1927) but it differs in having longer petals I & V, posteriorly protruded test and lesser number of tubercles. It also differs from Eupatagus cf. antillarum (Cotteau) from the middle to late Eocene Clarimont Formation, White Limestone Group, of Jamaica (Donovan & Rowe, 2000) in having less broad oval test which is broadest in the middle and more anteriorly eccentric apical system. E. rajasthanensis differs from E. rostratus (d'Archiac) from the Eocene and Oligocene (Srivastava, 2004) and Oligocene and Miocene rocks of Kachchh (Duncan & Sladen, 1883) in not having flexuous petals II & IV. It also differs from E. singhi Srivastava  from the Middle Oligocene sediments of Kachchh (Srivastava, 1981) in having a moderate frontal sinus.

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