The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, June 2009

Echinocorys texanus (Cragin, 1893, p. 145)

[Ananchytes texana Cragin, 1893, p. 145, pl. 25, fig. 12, pl. 26, figs 1, 2.
Echinocorys texanus (Cragin); Cooke, 1953, p. 25, pl. 10, figs 1,2. pl. 11, fig. 17.]

Distribution Campanian, Upper Cretaceous, Texas & Arkansas, USA
Type University of Texas at Austin, Paleontological Collections UT 17268.
Classification and/or Status A species of Echinocorys.
Remarks Differs from E. scutata in the length and development of petaloid parts of the ambulacra, which extend in this species almost to the ambitus.

Cragin, F. W. 1893. A contribution to the invertebrate paleontology of the Texas Cretaceous. Texas Geological Survey Annual Report 4(9), 139-294, pls 24-46.

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