The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, January 2009

Jolyclypus Lambert, 1918, 26

Diagnostic Features
  • Test small (up to 11 mm), with low profile
  • Apical disc eccentric anteriorly, 4 genital plates of equal size organized into arc around anterior edge of periproct.  No supplementary plates in disc.  Sexual dimorphic, with large gonopores in females
  • periproct supramarginal, opening extending from apical disc and situated in a deep narrow mongitudinal groove.  Extending backards to midway between the apical system and posterior test margin
  • Peristome anterior; no phyllodes or occluded plates
Distribution Cenomanian, Upper Cretaceous, France
Name gender masculine
Type Galeropygus jolyi Gauthier, 1898, p. 837.

Neotype:  MNHN-DHT R65001, erected by Saudede & Neraudeau, 2006, p. 544.
Species Included Only the type species
Classification and/or Status Irregularia, Cassiduloida,

Subgenus of Nucleopygus Agassiz, 1840 according to Saucede & Neraudeau (2006)
Remarks See Saudede & Neraudeau (2006) for a complete description and discussion. Nicolleau & Vadet (2010) accept Jolyclypus at genus level.

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