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Stereopneustes de Meijere, 1903, p. 9

Diagnostic Features
  • Test ovate with rounded anterior margin. Lower surface weakly convex. Domed in profile with truncate posterior face.
  • Test thick-shelled.
  • Apical disc subcentral with four gonopores.
  • Ambulacra subpetaloid; pores double and conjugate, but pores not elongate. Ambulacral plates low and wide over aboral surface.
  • No frontal groove present even adorally.
  • Peristome oval, slightly inclined, but facing predominantly downward.
  • Plastron plating orthosternous - labral plate followed by single, symmetrical sternal plate, and then a pair of symmetrical episternal plates.
  • Hexagonal rostral plate present behind episternals.
  • Labral plate abuts sternal plate.
  • No primary tubercles aborally.
  • Subanal fasciole present, encircling the rostral plate.
Recent, China Sea.
Name gender feminine
Stereopneustes relictus de Meijere, 1903, p. 9, by original designation.
Species Included
  • Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status

Holasteroida, Meridosternata, Urechinina, Corystusidae.

Monotypic. Subjective junior synonym of Corystus Pomel, 1883


Similar in all aspects of test plating and appearance to Corystus Pomel, 1883. Differing from the type species in having the posterior face undercut so that the periproct is inframarginal.

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J.C.H. de Meijere 1904. Die Echinoidea des Siboga-Expedition. Monographs of the Siboga Expedition 43, 251 pp., 22 pls.