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Contributed by Andreas Kroh, August 2008

Eoscutella (Tigilella) Shmidt, 1975, p. 30

Diagnostic Features
  • Test discoidal with flat base and thin edges. Distinctly wider than long.
  • Apical disc central.
  • Petals well developed.
  •  Food grooves bifurcating halfway between peristome and ambitus, without distal branching.
  •  Periproct opening inframarginal to oral.
Distribution Late Eocene, Western Kamchatka.
Name gender feminine
Type Eoscutella (Tigilella) kamtschatica Shmidt, 1975, p. 30, by original designation.
Species Included Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status Clypeasteroida, Scutellina, Eoscutellidae.
Remarks Differs from Eoscutella by the inframarginal position of the periproct (marginal in the type species of Eoscutella) and the more distal position of the primary food groove bifurcation (halfway between peristome and margin). Unfortunately the plating is unknown and the justification of the subgenus remains to be shown, especially as Eoscutella mirandae Parma, 1985 shares the more oral periproct position, but not the difference in food groove pattern.

Shmidt, O. I. 1975. [On the new subgenus of the family Eoscutellidae Durham in the Paleogene of Kamchatka (Yuzhno Sakhalinsk)] Trudy Sachalinskij Kompleksnyj Naukno-Issledovatel'skij Institut 36: 29-31, pl. 5.