The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, April 2008

Brisaster rana (Forbes, 1846, p. 161)

[=Brissopsis rana Forbes, 1846, p. 161, pl. 19. fig. 5.]

Diagnostic Features Material in the BMNH shows that this species has a deeply embayed peripetalous fasciole that gives rise to a narrow lateroanal fasciole.  The apical disc has three gonopore, genital plate 2 lacking a gonopore.  The apical disc is ethmolytic.
Distribution Arialoor Group, Late Cretaceous, southern India.
Type Holotype: BMNH E78533.
Classification and/or Status A subjective synonym of  Brisaster inaequalis (Forbes)
Remarks Forbes, E. 1846. Report on the fossil invertebrata from southern India, collected by Mr. Kaye and Mr. Cunliffe. Transactions of the geological Society, London (2) 7, 97-174.