The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, March 2008

Corthya morgani (Gauthier, 1902, p. 123)

[Stenonia morgani Gauthier, 1902, p. 123.]

Distribution Iraq, horizon unknown [according to Gauthier, 1902 p. 125] but placed in Upper Cretaceous because of its presumed affinities to Stenonaster

Possibly Lower Cretaceous.
Type Holotype: University of Lyon Palaeontological Collections EM 40814.
Classification and/or Status Species of Corthya.
Remarks Gauthier, V. 1902. Echinides fossiles (supplement). In Mission Scientifique en Perse par J. de Morgan. III, Etudes geologiques, III. Echinides supplement.  E. Laroux, Paris.