The Echinoid Directory

Cystocrepis Mortensen, 1907, p. 84

Diagnostic Features
  • Test large and bullet-shaped in outline, with slight anterior notch at ambitus but deep, narrow groove leading to peristome on oral surface; thin-shelled.
  • Apical disc with four gonopores. Compact in pourtalesiid style.
  • Ambulacra all similar with minute pores only.
  • Peristome subcircular and facing anteriorly into frontal groove.
  • Plastron plating orthosternous; sternal plate followed by a pair of symmetrical episternal plates.
  • Plastron plating disjunct.
  • Ambulacra I and V disjunct on oral surface; separated by intercalated plates of interambulacra 1 and 4 that meet along the mid-line.
  • Scattered small tubercles distributed over the aboral surface.
  • Periproct inframarginal, with no overarching interambulacral hood.
  • No posterior rostrum.
  • No subanal fasciole.
Recent; Panama.
Name gender feminine
Echinocrepis setigera A. Agassiz, 1898, p. 78, by original designation.
Species Included
  • Only the type species
Classification and/or Status

Holasteroida, Meridosternata, Urechinina, Pourtalesiidae.



Closest to Echinocrepis which also has an inframarginal periproct and no subanal fasciole, but differing from that taxon in having ambulacra I and V disjunct - separated by plates of interambulacra 1 and 4 which meet along the midline. It also has a very different outline.

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