The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, December 2007

Firmacidaris Lambert, 1937, p. 45

Diagnostic Features
  • Taxon based on isolated spines which are stout, clavate, and with strong transverse terraced ridging
Distribution Pliensbachian (Domerian), Lower Jurassic, Morocco.
Name gender feminine
Type Sphaerotiaris precincta Lambert, 1933, p. 36, by original designation.
Species Included Only the type species
Classification and/or Status Carinacea, ?Hemicidaridae, [or possibly a Cidaroida]

Nomen dubium. Monotypic taxon based on spine.
Remarks Lambert (1933) erected the species Sphaerotiaris precincta for an isolated spine with a distinctive ornament from the Domerian of Morocco.  Subsequently he erected the genus Firmacidaris, with type and only included species S. precincta Lambert 1933, with the discovery of associated cidarid tests from the same beds.  Lambert (1937) cites the co-occurrence of cidarid test and precincta spines from several localities.  However Vadet & Nicolleau (2005) questioned whether the tests illustrated by Lambert in 1937 were truly associated with the precincta spines, instead associating them with tests of Hemicidaris termieri Lambert 1937 ( a Pseudocidaris), which also occurs at this horizon.  However, again no specimen is known where spines are actually attached to a test of P. termieri  Given the uncertainty over which test morphology precincta spines belong to, it is recommended that the name Firmacidaris precincta to refer to ONLY the holotype spine pending the collection of more fully preserved material. 

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