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Temnocidaris (Temnocidaris) Cotteau, 1863, p. 355

Diagnostic Features A Temnocidaris with:
prominent pits developed both along sutures and amongst the secondary tubercles.
Distribution Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) to Palaeocene; western Europe.
Name gender feminine
Type Temnnocidaris magnifica Cotteau, 1863, p. 357, by subsequent designation of Lambert & Thiery, 1909, p. 27.
Species Included The following species are included in Temnocidaris (Temnocidaris)
  • T. magnifica Cotteau, 1863; Maastrichtian, France.
  • T. danica (Desor, 1858); Danian, western Europe.
  • T. nigelliensis (Lambert, 1909); Maastrichtian-Danian, western Europe.
  • T. baylei Cotteau, 1863; Upper Campanian, France.
Classification and/or Status A subgenus of Temnocidaris Cotteau, 1863.
Remarks Cotteau, G. H. 1862-1867. Paléontologie Française. Terrain Crétace, Tome Septième. Échinides.  Masson et fils, Paris.