The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, June 2007

Eupatagus avellana d'Archiac & Haime, 1853, p. 218

Distribution Eocene (Kirthhar Series), Sind, Pakistan
Type Holotype: NHM E78566
Classification and/or Status Species of Eupatagus
Remarks Based on a badly abradded juvenile.

Archiac, E. J. A. D. de St. S., le Vicompte d' and Haime, J. 1853. Description des Animaux Fossiles du Groupe Nummulitique de l'Inde. Paris.

Duncan, P. M. and Sladen, W. P. 1884. Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous Fossils of Western Sind. The fossil Echinoidea from the Khirthar Series of Nummulitic strata in western Sind. Memoirs of the Geological Society of India Palaeontologia Indica Series 14, 1(3), fascicule 4, 101-246, pls 21-38.