The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Jenna Sullivan, May 2007

Eupatagus excentricus (Gregory, 1891, p. 26)

[[=Euspatangus excentricus Gregory, 1891, p. 26; Eupatagus excentricus Lewis, 1989, p. 31]]

Diagnostic Features Test small, moderately inflated, broad, maximum width at middle of test; anterior as high as posterior; anteal sulcus very shallow and slightly angular; apical system eccentric, close to the anterior end of the test, about 68% along antero-posterior axis from posterior of test; petals do not reach ambitus. (Lewis, 1989, p. 31)
Distribution Barton Beds, Bartonian, Eocene of Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire Basin, England.
Type Holotype: Natural History Museum 49820.
Classification and/or Status Species of Eupatagus.
Remarks E. excentricus is distinguished from E. hastingiae and from other secies by its much more anterior apical system. It also has a more develped anteal sulcus than does E. hastingiae. (Lewis, 1989, p. 31)

Lewis, D. N. 1989. Fossil Echinoidea from the Barton Beds (Eocene, Bartonian) of the type locality at Barton-on-Sea in Hampshire Basin, England. Research mesozoic Tertiary, Tertiary Research 11(1): 35.
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