The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Jenna Sullivan, May 2007

Echinoneus melitensis (Wright, 1864, p. 482)

[[=Amblypygus melitensis Wright, 1855, p. 482]]

Diagnostic Features Test elongated, depressed, border inflated; ambulacral areas narrow, unequal in width, the single ambulacrum narrowest; poriferous zones very narrow; pores a little more apart on the upper surface than at the border; base concave, arched in the anterio-posterior direction; mouth-opening nearly central, oblique, and angular; vent oblong, occupying the space between the peristome and the border. (Wright, 1855, p. 482)
Distribution Miocene of Malta
Type Holotype: Natural History Museum E1580.
Classification and/or Status Species of Echinoneus.
Remarks Wright, T. 1864. On Fossil Echinidae of Malta. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, London  20: 470-491, pls 21-22.