The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Jenna Sullivan, May 2007

Echinolampas sindensis d'Archiac and Haime, 1853, p. 211

Diagnostic Features "Test of moderate size, well rounded in front, sometimes rather flattened along the sides, faintly rostrated posteriorly. Slightly longer than wide. Apical disc excentric in front and corresponding with the apical summit of the test, about 2/5 the length of the test from the anterior. Margins are tumid and rather sharply rounded on to the actinal surface, which is more or less plain, excepting a gentle depression around the peristome, and the rounding which masks the imperceptible junction of the margins and the actinal surface. Apical disc small, four genital pores occupying nearly the whole of their plate; anterior pair rather closer together than posterior pair. Ambulacral petals narrow, of almost uniform breadth a little distance from the apical disc, expanding very slightly near the middle of their length; they terminate somewhat abruptly at a short distance before the rounding of the margin commences. The antero-lateral and the postero-lateral interradial areas present no tumidity either in the abactinal or actinal regions. Peristome is large, central, sunken in a slight depression of the test, pentagonal, and having the transverse diameter greater than the longitudinal. Periproct is large, transverse, subelliptical, placed close to the margin, on the rounding which unites the ambitus with the actinal surface and immediately under the posterior rostration." (Duncan and Sladen, 1884, p. 159)
Distribution In the Khirthar Series,  Baili, west of Tong, Pakistan; Eocene of the Chaine d'Hala, Sind, Pakistan.
Type Holotype: Natural History Museum E78549.
Classification and/or Status Indeterminate species of Echinolampas.
Remarks Archiac, E. J. A. D. de St. S., le Vicompte d' and Haime, J. 1853. Description des Animaux Fossiles du Groupe Nummulitique de l'Inde, Paris, p. 210, pl. 14, fig. 2a, b.

Duncan, P. M. and Sladen, W. P. 1884. Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous Fossils of Western Sind. The fossil Echinoidea from the Khirthar Series of Nummulitic strata in western Sind. Memoirs of the Geological Soceity of India Palaeontologia Indica Series 141(3), fascicule 4, 247-272, pls 21-38.