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Contributed by Jenna Sullivan, April 2007

Clypeaster altus (Leske, 1778)

Diagnostic Features

Large, high-domed, commonly campanulate test; aborally with long broad petals possessing broad poriferous zones which almost close distally. [Rose and Wood 1999]


Miocene of  Spain, France, Algeria, Corsica, Sardinia, Italy Crete, Malta and possible Iran.

Classification and/or Status

Species of Clypeaster


Rose, P. F. & Wood, J. L. 1999. Clypeaster and Echinolampas (Echinoidea: Irregularia) from Neogene basins of south-east Spain, and the mediterranean Messinian \'Salinity Crisis\'. In Echinoderm Research 1998, (Carnevali and Bonasoro eds). A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam, Netherlands. pp. 379.